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LFA&FA Scholarship Recipients 2018/19

Pictured from Left, Dr. Wilma Troublefield Vice-Chairperson of Scholarships, Melvin Lynch President,

Recipients Dorieon Suggs, Jaylin Miller, Deshaun Sanders, Dymon Atkinson, Kyra Best (EB Frink),

Dionna Becton, Danneka Sutton, Ayla Dixon and Dr. Evelyn P Smith, Frink-Alumni President

The LaGrange Frink Alumni Scholarship Application

1. All applicants must be a consecutive financial member for 3 years, the child, the grandchild or legal guardian of applicant, and an active member of the LFAFA.
2. Submit an essay of one hundred fifty (150) words or more highlighting career objective.
3. Submit a current clear photo of yourself.
4. Each recipient of award MUST be present to receive certificate, or identify a receiver.
5. All applicants are required to complete the application form and forward with, ALL supporting documents to the La Grange Frink Scholarship Grant Foundation Committee, P. O. Box 424, La Grange, NC 28551, postmarked by or on April 15th.
6. Applicants should be a High School Senior or attending an Accredited College,  University, Community College or Vocational School; earning their 1st undergraduate degree at least (½) half time enrollment. Applicant must be in good academic standing with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5.
7. Include a current official high school transcript, or most recent college coursework completed as a required part of the application process submitted with the application.
8. *High school applicants must submit TWO (2) letters of recommendation from current teachers, counselors, or community leaders and be *on official stationary as available.
9. ALL applicants for a scholarship MUST reapply annually.
E. B. Frink Scholarship

1. Applicants will follow and adhere to the same guidelines (stated above) as those applying for scholarships from The LaGrange Frink Alumni Scholarship Grant Foundation.
2. Applicants for the E. B. Frink Scholarship are required to have a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. and must attend a four year college or university. The applicant chosen to receive the E.B. Frink Scholarship will receive $1000.00 PER YEAR FOR FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS, provided he/she maintains a 3.0 G.P.A. or a degree earned if less than 4 years.
The Selection Process

The selection and distribution process is based solely on the following data and information.

1. Completed application postmarked by deadline of April 15 of the current year.
2. Scholastic Grades
3. Extracurricular Activities
4. Documented Community Service
5. Other required application information
6. ALL recipients must claim his/her scholarship within (60) sixty business days of the LFAFA annual weekend:  by submitting an active class, college, or university schedule. Failure to do so in the allotted time period automatically forfeits the scholarship.

Type or print legible in ink. Attach a copy of your most recent official transcript or completed college coursework and a current photo. Submit a 150 word essay and two *letters of recommendation from current high school. College students only submit a college resume but does not submit letters of recommendation. Name(s) of the sponsor, (parent, grandparent or legal guardian) of this applicant.
Application for academic Year ___________________________
Full Name of Applicant ____________________________
Mailing Address _________________________
Social Security Number (school identification purposes)________________________________
Phone Number ( )______________________Cell Phone( )__________________________
Name and address of college or university you are attending or plan to attend:
**Intended Major_______________________________________________________________
Parent / Sponsor Name and address
Currently enrolled: ____High School ____________________________________College____
What is your academic level (please check only one)
____Freshman ____Sophomore ____Junior ____Senior
Your GPA__________________
May we contact you by E-Mail?____________________________________________________
Signature of Applicant:___________________________________________________________
Mail completed application and ALL documents to LaGrange-Frink Alumni and Friends Association,  
Attention: Scholarship Grant Foundation, P.O. 424, LaGrange, NC 28551.

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LaGrange Frink Alumni Scholarship Grant
Foundation 2015 Recipients ($500)

1. Dereese Atkinson  
2. Kenneth Clark II
3 April Davis
4. Nygel Robinson
5. Bridget Rouse
6. Kianna Sanders
7. Joseph Sutton
8. Jeremy White
9. Rhancia White
10. Samtha White
11. Alexis Williams

E.B. Frink Scholarship ($1000)
Koalia Sanders

The Closton & Emily Gillard Memorial Scholarship
Kianna Dierra Sanders

The Class of 1965 Scholarship
April Davis


Scholarship Grant Foundation Board
Chairman--Melvin Lynch
Secretary--Angela Jones
Fin. Sec--LaBarbara David
Treasurer--Wanda Williams


Loretta Best
Brenda Best
Anita Davis-Curmel
Evelyn P. Smith
Carolyn Sutton
Wilma Troublefield
Ernest Williams

CopyRight 2020 LaGrange-Frink Alumni & Friends Association
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