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School History

LaGrange-Frink School had its beginning in 1920 in a five room building that stood where Branch’s Grocery Store now stands.
The first principal was Mr. John Green, followed by Rev. Hood, Mr. George Bryan and Mr. Carlyle Smith, served a period of five years. Each of the principals had five teachers that taught seven grades, and a school term that lasted nine months.
In February of 1927, while Mr. Smith was principal, the school burned and was declared a total loss.
While the new Rosenwald School was being constructed, churches and the Odd Fellows Hall were used to hold classes.
Pro. Brown of Kinston, North Carolina, was the next principal, and around 1933 Mr. E. B. Frink assumed the position as principal. Mr. Frink helped build the school to 34 teachers with more than 1100 students. The school had phenomenal growth while Mr. Frink was principal. For 19 years, Mr. Frink served the school, church, community, and state and was well respected.
After Mr. Frink’s death, a friend said, “His life and achievements have been stamped indelibly on the minds and in the hearts of citizens throughout the state. Eastern North Carolina lost an educator, pioneer, citizen, Christian and practitioner of the true principles of democracy in his passing.”
Following the death of Mr. Frink, Mr. J. A. Campbell became the principal and served for 8 years. The last principal of Frink High School was Mr. A. L. Mewborn, who served in that capacity until the status and name was changed to Frink Middle in 1981.

The School Song
Mrs. Mary J. Bank
"O Frink High"
O Frink High, our school so dear,
Thy Portals ever draw us near.
Thy wisdom and Thy rules abound,
Within Thy walls and all around.
The earth, wherever we may go,
for thus Thy greatness we will show.
With reverence to the Lord,
we bless, and cherish here a treasure chest.
We sing a song of love so fair,
Thy challenge we will ever dare.
To other we will sing Thy fame,
A song will bear Thy name
Mae ever those who come within,
Thy Knowledge and Thy teaching win.
We sing a song, O Dear Frink High:
our song is heard unto the sky.
We love our school, our school so dear
Thy portals ever draw us near.

CopyRight 2020 LaGrange-Frink Alumni & Friends Association
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